One of those days

Instead of what I would like to post, such as a book review, a haul, a photograph or what else we humans blog about, I’m going to post a little inspiration.

I have had a horrible few days. Everything has seemed to go wrong in every way. I nearly lost something that I consider to be the most fantastic thing in my life and basically what makes my life shine. Now if I was going to describe what my week has been to someone, there would a large possibility that individual would look at me in shook and proclaim how silly my idea of a bad week is and describe the other pains people go through.

I am normally the one who says to myself “pick yourself up – it could be worse” but you know what? I believe that sometimes we all can get knocked for six and sometimes we need to cry and feel sorry for yourself and essentially forget everyone else for a few moments. Trust me, I put this into practice, and guess what? In a way it helped me massively.

After my feel sorry for myself slump, I’ve been trying to pick myself up and not live on the edge of my seat worrying what to come next, and expecting the worse all the time. I don’t know about you, but I feel that quotes are one of those things and ignite hope and belief into someones heart. Before you ask, yes I am one of those people who scroll through the ‘Quotes’ section of my pininterest account and I even get inspiration from it…Imagine that!

To come to a conclusion of this impossible, rambley post (if your still reading – well done you as my partner would say, “your reward is an imaginary cocconut” ) I want to leave you tonight with a quote I found that touched my heart and my situation perfectly.

” Stop being afraid of what could go wrong and think of what could go right ” – unknown

I hope that someone can smile due to this post and this quote, and I hope that if you ever find yourself in a miserable week then you find the strength to be miserable, cry and feel sorry for yourself and eventually find something that reminds you that a smile is just around the corner.

Love Bella xx

*This is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own*


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