Hello out there…

If anyone still glances over this blog, then I award you. Bravo. I have not been the best blogger recently as my blog has appeared to be abandoned…woops. But it is not true! (I will now pretend there are a few people out there who are excited about this fact)…As I stumble blinking at the bright unfamiliar light of the blogging world I shall give a bit of an explanation.

For me personally, my life has been a little hectic since the last time I was typing up my last post. One of the main reasons which takes up a lot of my life is that I am in university. Now I know there are many university students who blog consistently and I bow down to them. BUT this is my first experience of this sort of thing and this happens to be my first year of university. My course is a little bit if a here there and every where type of course and we have recently had a few assignments due in which a hefty helping of Mathematics and Chemistry, which for me personally, is ridiculously hard for me to get my head round. I study Archaeology and I know that Maths and Science feature in my chosen course but I don’t have to like and I am certainly more of a ‘learning about the people and burials’ type of student. I consider myself very lucky to have my boyfriend and other friends to assist me when these topics pop up.

Also, there have been lots of family things going on which includes travelling and socialising. Along with this, my dad was home for the Easter break and we were all able to spend some quality time together as a family. I’m sure you understand that I felt it was wrong of me to be attached to my computer and miss out on the possible memories.

I know that to a lot of people these reasons aren’t enough to fully justify my absence, and I am also aware there are a few people who don’t particularly care. However I wanted to tell those who may be a little curious. I also want people to know that I don’t regret not blogging for a long period. My education and family are priority. I am also learning how to balance everything and am thoroughly looking forward to the challenge and the journey.

Want to come along?

Love Bella xx


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