My Current Favourites…People On The Internet World!

[Before I go into the actual post, I just wanted everyone in the world who is suffering, to know that I am thinking about you, and hope you stay safe. I do not know what is happening to this world but we have to stick together and make it through. ]

Hello out there!

Today I want to write a blog post about my current favourite person here on the internet (I will list their youtube or blog etc). Now I know that there will be those of you that will not have the same interests as me (I’m a makeup lover, book reader, organiser and foodie…among other things) but I felt this sort of thing would be quite fun. I like hearing about new people and I feel this sort of thing guides me to other topics 🙂


Jen is a lovely woman on youtube and by far my favourite person on any social networking platform. I have probably seen all of her videos at least twice and I will be an eager subscriber for as long as she post videos, blogs, pins and pictures. OrganizedLikeJen was her first youtube account I came across. On this channel she posts videos on mainly organisation projects, such as holiday prepping, packing help and baking videos – yum! Jen is such a down to earth person and motivates me and brings a smile to my face. I adore her everyday vlogging channel, her BuzyBeeBuz makeup, girly channel and all the other accounts she has. If you think you may like, an honest, funny woman with a love for organising, makeup, dogs and reading then go check out.

Go on, you know you wanna.

You can find her on:

Youtube Channels:
Organized Like Jen:
My Housewife Life:
The Buzzy Bee Buzz:

Winne the Tzu:
Positively Polished:
Her blog:

If you lovely people like these post then maybe I might make these a weekly feature, or something like that.

Now I want to know something, who is your current favourite person on the world-wide web?

Love Bella xx

*All opinions are my own, and this post is not sponsored or a ‘shout out for a shout out’*


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