Books Oh Glorious Books! – Personal Review of the Bloodline Series by Katy Cary

I have recently caught up on all of my university work and had some glorious time to do as I pleased – twas heavenly! So being the book worm that I am (and with the encouragement push from my goodreads reading challenge…) I have began working on the piles of ‘to be read’ books on my shelf.

I was in the mood for reading something easy, with a little bit of romance and a whole lot of vampire. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I am a vampire in my books kinda gal. Don’t judge….

With all this in mind, I picked up Bloodline, by Katy Cary. The book is written by a variety of characters through their journals describing the different events that all intermingle. The series was written in order to be a sequel to the classic, Dracula. The book was a very easy read. I felt that there was no confusion what was going on and the author wrote in a way that made the writing fresh, and not boring. The only downfall to the book Bloodline was a teeny tiny lack of character development. But then it is meant for the younger range of teen fiction so it wasn’t that expected. Anyway, there are plenty of mysteries within the book that keeps you occupied!

I certainly liked the first book in the series as I read it in one sitting and the day after had no hesitation in picking up the second in the series, Reckoning.

I enjoyed how both books kept in the same format as eachother as I found it made the whole series flow. Reckoning others the reader a deeper insight into certain characters, and answers questions about one character past in particular. I was very impressed how Katy Cary got me re-hooked and I had no idea what the final few chapters would hold and how relationships would change between the characters! It was like a bad day at playing cluedo – every guess I thought was right, I well…wasn’t. Instead, I was flabbergasted. Also, the ending was well suited to the tone of the books.

Overall, if you fancy an easy read, with enough guessing to keep you interested and characters that cause you to care about, then it may be worth reading these books. I gave them a 3 star on goodreads, and I believe the stories are great for when you need a quick reading fix.

Happy reading,

Bella xxx

*This is my own opinion and not a sponsored post*


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