My Favourites at the Moment

At the moment I am sitting in my university lounge like area pondering what to write about. So I thought that even though its rather late and not April anymore, why not write a sort of April favourites? You never know, could be interesting…

1: iPad mini


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Over the weekend, I treated myself and bought a white iPad mini, 16 gb. Now do not fret and think I am one of those people who spontaneously go out and spend £269 without truly thinking about it. I have been wanting an iPad ever since they came out but have never had the funds to be able to purchase one, until now.

The reason that it is one of my favourites is because of the portability of it. My main use of it is that I take it to and from uni. I am able to do work on It, send emails, research and use it for general entertainment. It means for me, I don’t have to take my laptop with me as in reality, a laptop is to heavy for me to carry around in my handbag. Also with the use of a app called Evernote I am able to transfer work from a apple product to my Samsung laptop.

I would totally recommend getting one of these is your on the fence about it.

2: Netflix


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Me and my partner recently bought Netflix for him to primarily use. We both thought that the tv shows and films available would be more of his taste and not mine. However, after we bought it and started looking through what it had to offer, I found that actually there was quite a lot of tv shows that I had either wanted to watch or re-watch!! Yay!

There are shows like Charmed ( an all time favourite ), Dexter, Gossip Girl and Bones, there is such a variety! I love the fact I can now watch all the shows I have wanted to and not have to buy the DVD box sets. Another great aspect is that we have it on my iPad, Jamie’s laptop, my laptop And the Wii. This means we can both watch whatever we want and not have to intrude on other people and there is less tension around the evening sit down and watch some tv ;). I would highly recommend it as it is £5.99 a month and the first month is free which is great cause you can test before you commit.

3: Charmed


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This favourite kinda links with the Netflix one. I have always loved the tv series Charmed and have watched it on tv whenever it repeats and have the first and eighth series on DVD. I have never been able to sit down each evening at simply watch them in order (not all at once obviously…). With having Netflix, I have been able to watch a few episodes in the evening and as I have said before, Netflix has all eight series. I have rediscovered my love for it! Epic love in fact… It has once again become a firm favourite and has reminded me what my all time favourite show is.

I would seriously recommend watching it if you get a chance and like the idea of witches, demons, humour, romance and relationships from hell…

Oh and Piper is my favourite…

4: The National Trust


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If your not aware of what the National Trust is then, I cant tell you that that its a conservation organisation in England that protects houses and gardens and opens them up to the public. My family and I have all got memberships which we pay for each year and can get unlimited access to all places that are run by the National Trust. (You can also pay each time you went if you didn’t want to pay for a membership) The reason I have been loving it, is because now the sun has made a strong appearance my family and I can go to the numerous houses and gardens that we live near.

It means we get to have a day out, see somewhere pretty and be together as a family without having to pay money. There are always lovely things to see such as acres of gardens and woodlands and normally I personally get some good exercise from it.

So those are a few of my favourites at the minute. Random I know!

Love Bella xxx

*this is not a sponsored post . All opinions are my own*


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