Summer Days: Exploring Mevagissey

One of the best ways to spend a sunny lazy day while in Cornwall is (in my opinion!) to visit one of Cornwall’s fishing towns. We done just that and made our way down to Mevagissey, a quaint, beautiful and popular fishing harbour. With its quirky independent shops Mevagissey offers a unique little day out. As usual I took a few photos of that day and wanted to post them on my blog. I know I have been posting a lot of this content for a while but I find that I have been more inspired with my photography and also want to show off Cornwall’s little gems.

A must when in Cornwall. There is really something about having hot wrapped chips when visiting little harbours. Maybe it’s the British in me but these things definitely hold a spot in my heart. Basically chips make everything 100x better 😉



I love the look of boats in a harbour while the tide is out. I think it must be the way the boats all lean-to the side and you really get to sea them. I also love the colour in the sea floor. The place I took this photograph is essentially smack bang in the middle of the harbour, you’re in between the two sides of it. The photo below shows off the really cute houses around the harbour.



I adore the colours in this photo and the reflections in the water.


Hehe, more boats! This is further down the right side of the harbour.


This is Mevagissey’s lighthouse which is at the very end of the walkway on the right side. It’s not very big but very cute and obviously vital. I love the contrast between the white and the blue sky.


This is looking out to sea on the right side again – and just look at the colour of the sea!!




I love the look of the lobster nets. Not a fan of the whole concept but still love the look of them…


Looking out from the end of the right side. You can see Mevagissey really isn’t very large at all.


Love the colour contrast!



Look how lovely it looks! The sea was so perfect.


I love the mix of harbour, water and mountains are a prominent feature in Cornwall.


Orange house!




So there are my photographs. I hope that at least one person enjoyed these, I enjoy taking them and sharing them!

Love Bella



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