Books Oh Glorious Books – Personal Review of NOS4R2 By Joe Hill

Before I begin, I must apologise for my few days absence. You see I was quite ill one night and I helped my partner with his assignment another night which made for a late one meaning I could not do any blogging 😦 However! I am back with a book review 🙂

I hauled this book earlier in the week and I must have been impressed cause I literally just finished it and am writing about it.

So this book is NOS452 by Joe Hill. As I said in my haul, it is a horror story about a man named Charlie Manx who takes children to his place where he calls Christmasland. (Don’t worry about spoilers – this is pretty clear from the get go) The book takes the reader through a variety of people and time periods which are connected to Charlie Manx and what he does. The main body of the story follows a girl named Vic McQueen who has a talent for finding things. Somehow she, as a young girl gets caught up in with Charlie Manx and this is how the two main characters are connected. We follow through with Vic’s life and soon her own son, Wayne is taken from her (again no spoilers, this stuff is in the blurb). The story then follows Vic and her efforts on getting her son back.

I feel that the book is not so much a horror story which has me checking behind the shower curtain and under the bed before I go to sleep and has caused my head to spin. I find that it is primarily gory, which descriptions which cause the reader to visualise certain things (I wouldn’t read this over the morning porridge…) Saying that, I felt the book get me wondering what was going on and it held my interest. Joe Hill, in my opinion, has written very well and has given the reader the needed character building as well as beefing the story up. This means that when reading, you do not have many questions which go unanswered. 🙂

I totally recommend reading this if you want something different, with a few twists in it and characters which you can connect with. This is a well written gory horror with the added touch of using people’s feelings towards Christmas to get them pulled into this story. I gave this book 4 stars out of 5 on my goodreads.

Happy reading,

Love Bella xx

*this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own*


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