Reasons Why

Hello again. I know, I deserve the worst blogger for consistent uploading award. I shall hang my head in shame 😦

If any of you lovely people want a reason, well this is it – I simply haven’t had the ability to blog. I have been so busy with everything and have had a lot of complicated assignments to complete and other things going on that I simply haven’t been able to sit down and take the time to blog ( I still haven’t had chance to send out my thank you cards for my birthday which was a month ago…opps…)

I am very sorry for my horrendous absence and would like to say that I hopefully (fingers crosses) be able to get on the bandwagon of blogging again 🙂 Though I will state, that my posts may not be consistent. However, I will try and eventually everything will smooth out and go swimmingly 🙂

Also, I have decided that in the new year I shall sort out my time management…

Thank you if you still stick with me 🙂 I thoroughly appreciate it.

Please leave any requests and I hope you subscribe for this rocky adventure of blogging 😉

Love Bella xxx


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