Read, Watch and Review

Different type of post today! Guess what? More than 1 in a month…party dance everyone! 😉

Recently I read the Shining by Stephen King. I found it a really interesting read and being the type of person I am, I wanted to watch the film adaptation to be able to compare. Yer I know, I’m weird like that, I love to compare and analyse books and their accompanying films..

The Shining was the first Stephen King book I read. I’ve wanted to read his books for a while but have only recently gotten around to it. I really enjoyed this book, I love the way that the author is able to manipulate his writing in order for us, the reader to be drawn into Jack’s (the protagonist you could say) mind. I found that though I wasn’t scared of the story, I found my mind almost following Jack’s mind and I could see what Danny was seeing. The way that the book is written is very clever, you can feel the battle between the different forces within the story. It’s such an unusual read!

So, me being me, I wanted to watch the film and compare. The Shining film was adapted by Stanley Kubrick. (Please remember I am talking about the European Version with the scenes which have been deleted.) I found that the actors were brilliant – especially Jack Nicholson who played Jack and Danny Lloyd who played Danny. As a stand alone film, I felt it was one that kept you interested, and wanting to know what was going on. However, when comparing with the book, I thought it wasn’t that good a film. There were certain aspects which was removed from the film that I personally felt was critical for the development of the story and the viewers understanding. I thought that everything happened too easily and quickly. I liked in the book that Jack was fighting with everything going on in his head to the near end. He was still trying to do right by his family – and his relationship with them was loving. That made the losing control of his mind and his personal fight with his thoughts, more believable, reliable and sad. The film showed Jack angry from the very start and he was also losing control from the very beginning. I also believed that skipping by Jack’s past and only making a brief mention was a disappointment. I felt that these aspects strengthened why it was Jack that certain thing which were occurring were happening to him. I know I must keep in mind that it is a film and there are reasons for cutting things out, but I strongly feel that it would have been a stronger film with more of an effect on the viewer. I can see why Stephen King did not favour it particularly.

I love the book and I feel that its so worth the read – The Shining is really cleverly written. I enjoyed the film as a stand alone as I felt the acting was great, however I just didn’t enjoy it so much as a book adaptation, which is a great shame cause I had high hopes…

What are your favourite book to film adaptations?

Love Bella xxx

*This post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own*


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