Changes and What Is Next?

Hello everybody 🙂

I was so on a roll with my posting but then life got in the way. I had a pretty big exam, a big anniversary, I am struggling with a few personal things and all this has become a big cloud of Lack Of Inspiration. It’s totally not a pretty rain cloud. I have been so uninspired due to everything that’s going on that I would simply look at the ‘Add New Post’ page and think to myself – What?
Now I know there are wonderful people out there with families, jobs, own businesses, volunteering commitments, a social life, saving the world and flying to the moon all to fit in one week, but alas I am
not that person. Yet.I am totally saying I one day shall rise to the level of the magical people who are consistent and actually have enough inspiration to blog about something.

So, with everything going on me and my boyfriend have made promises – almost resolutions which I will strive to stick to and I wanted to tell you lovely people what my plans consist of. First, I am going to COMPLETLEY cut down on my spending and am going to aim to spend only £10 of my weekly budget. (I shall not state what my weekly budget is cause you know…) This may sound to some but for me, I am a shopaholic, I love clothes. However I may be able to do this as I desperately want to save money as I adore travelling and I would like money for my future! 🙂 I am hoping that with a goal in mind I can complete this and stick to this. The reason I am telling you people, is that I am planning to write a post each Saturday as an update. I thought it would be interesting to see if my experience gets any easier and if I manage it!

The second thing is another major change – but for the best! I am planning on taking care of myself more. I have already become a vegetarian due to the fact I have been wanting to for a rather long while and I felt the health benefits of the change would give me more energy. To go along with that I am planning on working out more. I know this is a touchy subject on the internet and everyone has their opinions, but I want to take care of myself, gain more energy and I want to ensure I do everything for a long and healthy life. So I am planning on exercising everyday in someway. I will be walking home from university as it’s a 30 min walk which will be nice to lower my stress levels from my day! Any other day I shall do a mix of cardio and strength training everyday and little by little get my body ready for running. I shall do a post every other week for this update, though am unsure on which day.

The last change involves my university degree. I want to do so much better than I am, so I have planned on writing a course calendar each month to keep me in check with my assignments and studying. This sounds simple but I feel that by writing it down, it will push me to do better.

Also I really want to put more effort to this blog! I really enjoy writing it I just need to get some inspiration!

So do you have any resolutions or goals your working towards?

Love Bella xxxx


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