Cornwall In The Rain – Healey’s Cider Farm

Rain. Its pretty common at the moment isn’t it? Its like Mother Nature has decided that the world needs some washing out. Due to this little pain in the neck, it can be a tad difficult to find something to do in the rain. Especially in Cornwall. Seriously Cornwall is such a summer outdoors place that there is actually a lack of things to do and places to go when its raining while also being friendly on the purse.

My family and I have found somewhere which is fun, cheap and dry. Healey’s Cider Farm is a really quaint place where they have a small farm alongside their Cider Farm. There are outbuildings where you can see some of the processes that Healey’s farm does to create their cider. There is also a shop with jam, chutney, wine and cider tasting. The extra nice bit though is the small little café which serves tasty chips, soup, salad and the oh so Cornish cream tea. I took some pictures while we were there and thought I would showcase this cute little place.



Love The Colours

Stunning Peacock

Baby Goat

Some Of The On-Site Goats



Tasty Cheesy Chips!

Healey's Apple Juice


Where is the place you go to when its raining?

Love Bella xxx


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