Body Shapes – Say What?

So I wasn’t going to write a post today and if I was it was going to be a post on how I am doing with the cutting down of my weekly budget…however I needed to rant, to shout and to express myself.

Body Types. I hate that term. Everywhere you see it, whether it is in a magazine, the media or in the shops. Someone some where has tried to put women (I have no knowledge of a mans fashion world) into a ‘body type’. Now a lot of places have tried to create their own which spangaly names but the basic ones are: apple, pear, athletic, hourglass or tall. So what have companies done? They have used this to advertise their clothing to women with a certain body type. Guess what? In my opinion it doesn’t work. Women come in all kinds of beautiful shapes and sizes – we are all different. Some ladies might be able to define their body shape with one of those categories but most of us can’t. We try and fit ourselves into one out of 5 shapes and forget we ladies can be a mix of things! If you wanted to define a body type for all women in the world then you would have to create thousands of options, one for each women. Take me for example, I am a 6’1ft curvy girl with something like a 36in inside leg and the same length torso. Companies say that if your tall, then obviously your are slim, even athletic shape. I must have missed the memo cause I got me some curvage going on. I don’t fit into a body type and I am not afraid to acknowledge this, but I wasn’t always in this frame of mind.

When I was younger and taking more of an interest of clothes, I can remember looking at magazines and they would say ‘clothes for your body type’, and I used to get pretty upset when they had tall and slim. Why not tall and curvy? For a young kid that’s really hard to except. I always thought – why don’t I fit into any of these? There must be something wrong with me. Luckily I come from a strong independent family and those ideas were knocked out of me, but lots of women and girls almost criticise themselves for not fitting into a category.

I know this post is a ranty one but it does have a point – don’t let body types define you. Just because you don’t fit into one of 5 types doesn’t mean there is something wrong with you. We are all a mix of they body types and should be proud of it. Each woman is their own type. Oh and if by chance your someone who deals with ‘dressing for your body type’ – try and make a change. Alter it to – showing off the parts you love. Remind us why we are fantastic.

I hope someone felt this post was encouraging. The world can be a small place sometimes and it can feel like individuality has no room, so we need to make more.

Love Bella xxxxx


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