Just Keep Saving, Just Keep Saving…

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned that I was cutting down my spending, to about £10 a week (this does not include food bills, rent etc., just what I spend on top of the necessities) For some, that may seem like a lot, to others not enough. I was determined to fit into the first category as I didn’t always have money to spend and to be honest I don’t really need new clothes – I would rather go on holiday, save up to have a romantic weekend or simply save for the future.

So how has it been? I will not lie, it has been hard. The whole concept of not buying clothes and shoes has been a lot easier than I thought, as I simply avoid shopping websites. However I have also been restricting by general purchasing. This includes food at uni and the bus fares. I have been making myself make a homemade lunch for the next day which to be honest, and buying only a single bus fare, not a return meaning I walk home. These little things seem so meaningless but when you’re so use to it, it’s a bit of challenge at first. This has helped me save about £15 (ish) a week – major bonus! And on a plus side, I can be a lot healthier with what I am eating 🙂

I have found it tricky to not buy books but this has enabled me to ensure that I read all my ‘to be read books’ (reviews coming soon!) and has totally saved me loads of money.

I know this seems a little bit of an odd post but I thought I may be quite interesting. I will not do weekly updates but I think I shall do an update in 3 months. Then I can say what I did, how much I saved and any advice – e.g. cheaper, easier homemade lunches.

Have you any finance/saving advice? It’s certainly one of those subjects that we learn but trial and error.


Love Bella xxx


6 thoughts on “Just Keep Saving, Just Keep Saving…

  1. Certainly not an odd post and everyone faces this issue. I find avoiding shopping websites the biggest problem! I think I need to unsubscribe from all the daily emails, but then I’ll miss the offers!
    You just have to keep a certain goal in mind such as oh I need to save an X amount by this time. It is rewarding when your bank balance begins to grow more quickly than what you were used to pre-budgeting.
    Good Luck!

  2. No problem 🙂 Yes! ASOS and USC -_- Their constant sales and offers can be so tempting. I’ve started keeping a list of the price and date of clothes that I have bought with the aim not to buy any for at least two months. It hasn’t worked out so far but err it has been ten days since I last bought something online so that’s progress surely! Or hopefully.

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