Books Oh Glorious Books – Personal Review of Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver

People kept telling me to read Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver (first book of the Chronicles of Darkness series). Being a student in an Archaeology degree, you certainly hear of when a good book is written which is set in the past AND is mostly accurate.


Wolf Brother is a young adult/children’s book set six thousand years ago. The story follows young Torak and a wolf cub as they go along their journey in order defeat a unknown evil.

As I found this in the children section (up to the age of 12) I had a horrible feeling that this would be a little too young for me to read and enjoy. However, I found the writing style and language was actually at a level which was enjoyable. I felt that some things were slightly simple, however it was able to keep my attention. (I sometimes find with younger reads that due to the simpler style I find it tough to read…weird I know…)

This book certainly jumps right into the main story and there was not really a part which I felt was slow – something was always happening! However, I did find that due to the speed, some character development was missed. For example, I wanted to know more about the start of the relationship between Torak and the wolf cub. Their relationship seemed to develop a little too quickly for me. Saying that, other characters which were prominent, were developed really well.

On an Archaeology view…I didn’t get annoyed it! This may sound silly but it is always a relief to read something which is historically accurate. Obviously there are parts which aren’t but then this is meant to be a book for entertainment.

Overall, I really enjoyed this quick read and gave it 5 stars on goodreads. I will certainly be looking out for the next one and I totally recommend this.

Sorry if this review is all over the place. Its obvious that I haven’t done this in a while am a little rusty…Hopefully this will get better 😉

Did you read this? What did you think?

Happy Reading,

Love Bella xxx

*this is not a sponsored post and all opinions are my own


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