A Memorable Day

On August 1st 2014, my dad worked his last official day in the Royal Navy, after working for over 34 years. This day was made extra special for everyone as my whole immediate family were there. This included my mum, boyfriend, sister and sister-in-law (down from Portsmouth) and my sister, brother-in-law and nieces and nephew (all the way from Dubai!). Essentially everyone who mattered to my dad were all in one place (never happens…) celebrating a HUGE milestone all about him. Anyway, to get to the general gist of this post, I wanted to document the day on my blog as it meant a lot and may be interesting (I hope 😉 )


After Divisions, we went to a great American style diner called Route 38 – great place and food! To see my dessert and my dads dinner, you can look on instagram if you so wish 🙂

I had a glorious day and it was fantastic to have everyone around for my dad and celebrate. Also, lets be honest and say the food was a major plus 😉

Hope you liked this,

love Bella xx


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