We’re All Going On a Summer Holiday – Montreuil Bellay, France Day 1

For our summer holiday this year, we decided to visit Montreuil Bellay in France for a week. It really was a lovely village and I truly could have stayed there for months. Within the village were a few shops a couple of cafes, a bakery (thank the Lord!) some historic samples to satisfy my Archaeological interests and some sweet little restaurants. Just outside our hotel was where the Chateau was situated, and a short stroll led you to a campsite alongside a river (with possible kayaking and canoeing…). I thoroughly recommend this quaint place for those who want a peaceful holiday with minimal English speakers. I thought I would post a few of my favourite photos from each day, cause I want to and thought it would be a nice way of seeing the area (and some cheesy selfie’s, and too much pastry but hey, I’m human…). So welcome to day one:

The View Out Of My Window
The View Out Of My Window

Well done for getting through all of those! 😉 I am thinking about posting my instagram photos separately as I feel it is a little different…
Hope you enjoyed these 🙂 Have you been near here? Also let me know your most beloved holiday destination…

Love Bella xxx


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