We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday – Montreuil Bellay, France Day 2 – Saumur

Day two in France consisted of travelling a bit further a field. We had previously been recommended to visit Saumur, a rather lovely, historic town situated between two rivers. And only 20 minutes away – Bonus! ;).

After a twisty road through small villages and farmland (much more attractive and romantic while in a different country…) we were greeted with a very picturesque French view of our destination. A bridge led the eye up to see a glimpse of the Chateau, twas beautiful. The first we decided to do was explore and find a patisserie while figuring out the layout of the town. We chose a small little café near the main square to indulge in a coffee éclair and espresso and hot chocolates just while the sun was joining us. (Seriously it was like the whole day was written out of a fairy-tale. Bravo Saumur, bravo. ) After our refreshment, we made our way up to the top of the town where the Chateau was located. The Chateau was built-in the 10th century and is actually listed as a historic monument. Though we decided not to go into the main part of the Chateau, we walked around the stables and around the edge of. This actually provided a nice insight of the Chateau without having to pay to go in.

After we walked down into the main part of the town, we explored some of the shops and finally decided to eat lunch in the square at this really rather quirky (but excellent) restaurant. Outside it looks modern, but has amour in doors and the menu consists of traditional French food. As an extra bonus, it was mostly in French which is excellent when you come on holiday in France not wanting to see English. After lunch we headed back to the hotel and spent our evening in the pool.

Saumur is such a lovely place and well worth a visit. There is also a tank museum, Calvary museum and a museum dedicated to mushrooms. Safe to say I shall be returning.


That was my day 2! Hope you guys and gals are enjoying these 🙂 I love looking back on holiday pictures 🙂

Love Bella xxx


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