We’re All Going On A Summer Holiday – Montreuil Bellay, France Day 3

Day three of our holiday consisted of an exploration of the town we were staying in, Montreuil Bellay. As there was a Chateau just outside of the hotel, we decided to visit there in the morning. The Chateau is privately owned meaning if you go be prepared for numerous things: 1. Photos are prohibited inside the buildings :(, 2. You have to go at certain times as you need to go with a tour. 3. The tour is in French, however they do provide booklets in English, German and Spanish. Other than these minor details, the visit was very pleasant and it was interesting to see the different objects of interest in the Chateau and hearing it’s history, such as horses being ridden up to stairs…

After the tour we walked around the garden then continued to my now favourite cafΓ© in the world, Papilles en Goguette. I am going to upload two separate posts for day 3 as I have so many photos that you would be here for a while haha! The second post will feature photos from the evening and todays is the morning/afternoon πŸ™‚

What is your favourite cafΓ©?

Lots of Love, Bella xxx


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