New Year, New Perceptions

Though we have reached the end of January 2016, I am posting a ‘New Year’ post. You may think I’ve lost my mind and you may even be checking your calendar for reassurance of the date. I like to wear in 2016 a bit before thoroughly thinking what my resolutions are for the new year. Throughout the month of January I start to think about how I want my year to go and what seems important in the dedicated month of change.

Healthy Lifestyle:

Yes, I know, it’s ridiculously cliche to start with fitness and a healthy lifestyle, but for the last year I have been desperately trying to live a healthier lifetstyle. Having not been blessed with the strongest body, I want to ensure I am doing everything I can to keep this house of mine healthy.

  • Drink more water – I always feel better when I do this and suffer from less headaches. Extra bonus right there.
  • Fitness 3 times a week – I would like to work up to more but if I can manage a least three times a week, I will be happy.
  • Make better choices – like not having the whipped cream on my Starbuck’s hot chocolate..


Take More Photographs:

I love photography. It is something that makes me so happy and theres nothing better that having printed memories hanging on your wall.

  • Instagram – I love Instagram. I love the ease people can share their photos to the world and this year I want to give my Instagram a boost. Posting once a day, following more inspirational people and taking better quality photos.
  • Take out the camera more – One of the best gifts I have been given was a Canon 700d from my boyfriend a couple of years ago. However, in the last year life got in the way (such as uni, moving, general adult stress) and I have gotten out of touch with it. I want to make sure I take it out and about more.

IMG_2256 wm


I have seriously noticed that I have neglected doing things I love last year, especially when your in a long term serious relationship it can be difficult to disentangle yourself from your other half – even though you love them the same amount ā¤ļø

  • Theatre – I adore the theatre, particularly musicals. My whole life there isn’t much that gives me that warm happy feeling than sitting in a theatre waiting for the curtain to go up. I want to make sure that I see more shows both with and without others. I also am hoping I will be brave enough to join a theatre group!
  • Alone time – Whether its taking the time to sit down on the sofa with a book and a cup of tea or going for walks and travelling, alone time is very needed this year.


Couple Time:

Though this is a complete 180 degree turn from ‘alone time’ I want to work on couple time just as much.

  • Dates – After being together for about 5 years, sometimes you can forget to put effort into time with each other. I want to make sure that we go out on more evening dates, day dates and mini adventures.


Cat Time:

This may sound like an odd one to some, but I have been blessed with owning a beautiful cat called Rose since March 2015. I adore her and she has saved me in many ways, so she obviously had to been included in my goals and resolutions.

  • Quality time – Rose is a real mothers girl. She follows me everywhere I go and wants to be loved as much as possible. With a busy and hectic life, sometimes I forget to schedule some quiet time with her. I want to make sure that I put some time in every day to spend just me and her.
  • Toy time – Even though Rose is more of a quiet cat, I want to make sure that I set a time each day to play, and allow her in release her inner lioness.
  • Photos – As I love photos, I want to make sure I capture every aspect of her and take photos of her as much as possible.

Yes. I am a bit in love with my cat…

Christmas 2015 4 wm

So theres my goals and resolutions for the year of 2016. I am looking forward to keeping up with them and also overviewing them next year.

What are your goals for this year?

IMG_8281 watermark


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